What a Married Man Wish His Wife Would Know

Men and women are different. There’s probably no going around that. Some for obvious reasons and some, not so much.

In marriage, things can be more apparent. Living under the same roof with your spouse can be different from living with your girlfriend or boyfriend. But here are some things that men wish their wife knew. Or know. They may not be true to some, but they are to others.

Men sometimes feel insecure

We usually think it’s the women who feel insecure. But men do too. There is that fear that they feel they might not be doing enough in the office, as a husband, or as a father. They are not verbal about it. But they are sensitive beings. And an effective way of addressing this is by affirming them. Doing so will make them more confident and secure in themselves.

They would rather feel not loved rather than disrespected

Although the cause and effect can be one and the other, loss of respect can be a turning point when it comes to marriage. In fact, respect is essential not just in marriage. Husbands who feel disrespected or humiliated by their wives. When the wife crosses “the” line, the husband can get hurt by such actions.

They want to be romantic but have a hard time

Most women will always want romance. This is because men aren’t always giving it to them. Which is because most of them are having a hard time being romantic. Not all men are not romantic. Most are actually romantic. They just have a hard time showing it. But wives can help their husbands in this department by encouraging them and letting them know what romance truly is. Communication is the key.

Men want to see their wives at their best

Not that they always have to dress up expensively or put on a lot of makeup. A simple one will do. What men mean is that if they look their best, that means they are taking good care of themselves and they are well taken care of and loved by their husbands. They simply can’t put up with people asking them what happened to their wives because she looks tired or has eyebags under her eyes.

They want their wives to know and feel loved

Women. They always seem to feel like they’re not doing enough or are not enough to be loved. But men want that thought or belief erased. Because they truly do love their wives. They just don’t have that much confidence to show it. But they definitely want their wives to know and feel that they love them and wish for them to understand this and not have a doubt. A single doubt can grow into a big one and the next thing you know it turns into mistrust.

It’s never been easy being in a relationship especially marriage. If you feel like you and your husband are losing the spark, it might be time to contact an intimacy coach.

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